Pool Rules

Pool Rules


1. Pool usage is for Mill Glen members and their pre-paid guests only.

2. Guests must not reside in Mill Glen/Withmere and must be accompanied by a member.  The member must pay for all guests by purchasing guests passes online.

3. Only children 10 years and older may attend the club unsupervised. Under age children must be accompanied and supervised by a person at least 15 years of age. Tennis players may not leave under age children unsupervised.

4. A party in which 15 or more invitees (swimmers or not) are expected must receive approval 2 weeks in advance.  Additional lifeguards must be arranged, and the expense of the guards will be the responsibility of the party host.

5. Swim diapers are MANDATORY for all non potty-trained children entering the main pool or wading pool.  All members must help enforce this rule. If you see a violation, please report it to the lifeguard. In the event of an accident, the pool must close for 24 hours!!

6. Adult swim is for ADULTS ONLY. An adult is defined as 18 years old or over. Children, including infants, may not accompany parents or other adults in the water during adult swim. 

7. No glass containers are permitted inside the pool gates. 

8. No inflatable boats may be used in the pool. Other floats may be used at the discretion of the lifeguards. 

9. Running or rough play is not allowed and will result in disciplinary action. 

10. No playing with tennis balls in the pool, pool area, or pavilion. 

11.  No pets are allowed in pool area. 

12. WADING POOL – Only children 4 years old and younger may use the wading pool. The lifeguards do NOT SUPERVISE the wading pool; therefore, it is each parent’s responsibility to watch their children in the wading pool. The wading pool may not be used during swim or dive practice. 


–      Children have to be able to swim to the ladder on their own in order to jump off the diving board. No one can be in the pool to catch them.

–      No floats or flotation devices may be used in the deep end of the pool.

–      Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time.

–      Do not dive off the board until the previous diver has reached the ladder. 

–      Only two bounces are allowed before a dive.

–      No touching the main drain when diving; this is for safety reasons.

–      Playing in the deep end of the pool is not allowed while divers are present.

–      Sharks & Minnows: The lifeguard must agree to allow this game. No diving is allowed during the game. 

14.  Enforcement of Rules: The pool rules will be enforced by the lifeguards.  For members who violate the pool rules the following will be the enforcement process:
    1. First offense will result in a warning.
    2. The second offense will result in a suspension of the use of the pool until after the next adult swim (out of the pool, seated next to the lifeguard).  
    3. The third offense will result in a 24 hour suspension from the pool.  Any child asked to lease the pool more than twice in a season will not be allowed to return to the pool unless accompanied by a parent.  Additional disciplinary action will be at the discretion of the Board.     
15. No smoking inside the pool fence.

Thank you for your cooperation in following the rules outlined above. They are designed for your safety and will help ensure an enjoyable summer at our pool. Let’s have fun in the sun!

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