Nonmember Tennis Fee

This fee covers one ALTA season and should only be paid once the club has approved you as a nonmember player.

Price: $60.00

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Nonmember Swimteam Fee

This fee is to be paid for each person swimming on the Mill Glen 2024 swimteam who is not a member of the club. Families living within Mill Glen/Withmere are not eligible for this.

1 swimmer - $60.00
2 swimmers - $120.00
3 swimmers - $180.00

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Guest Fees

Please pay for any guests you bring to the pool on the day you bring them. Remember guests may not be residents of Mill Glen/Withmere.

1 Guest - $2.00
2 Guests - $4.00
3 Guests - $6.00
4 Guests - $8.00
5 Guests - $10.00
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Service Contribution

Unable to provide service to club thru service day attendance or other contributions? Make a financial contribution here instead.

Price: $100.00

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Unpaid Balance

Please enter the appropriate amount equal to your balance

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